26th February 2012 Mario Gheghici

Hits, Page Views, Unique Visitors

You must be very careful when someone tries to sell advertising space on a website telling you how many hits the site has in a month. If he’s talking about hits or doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is trying to fool you. If you want to advertise on a site, ask how many unique visitors has, or how many pages were viewed. A unique visitor is, in fact, a single computer. If several people use the same computer one day, then is also a unique visitor. But the page have, in turn, multiple views. If the same person is visiting the site from theoffice, then from home, then we get two unique visitors. Instead, the hits can reach millions. For example, because you are on this page and read this article, the site tomorrowinternet.com already has about 10 hits. Refresh the page. Another 10-20 hits!!!

A “hit” is not a visitor to the web site, but a hit on the web server. A hit on the web server can be a graphic, java applet, the html file, etc. So, if a site has 79 small graphics on the page, every visitor to the site registers as 80 hits on the server (79 graphics plus the html file). In this case, 80,000 hits translates to just 1,000 visitors.

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