5th September 2012 Mario Gheghici

How to guard a wordpress blog against spam

I’m writing this article thinking of one of my good friends. I will try to explain why it is not advisable to un-spam some comments on WordPress platform. First, WordPress do not know how to distinguish between spam and real comments. This is why we use Akismet. In the opposing camp, they are the ones who try to play with SEO, those who think they know how to do get backlinks to their sites. (Trust me, they don’t know) Usually, they get some special software, which we will call bots. These (ro)bots allow the spammer to enter a name, email address (most often false), and write a comment, as generic as possible. Usually: “An interesting article” or “I like this idea” or “Very good blog” etc. Then the spammer just clicks on the submit button, and the bot goes on a long journey on the Internet. The bot will post the fake comment on all the blogs where this is allowed. When it finds a site that does not have antismap filter, the bot post the comment. Because in the signature it was placed a website url, the spammer gets a backlink. But, if you use Akismet, the plugin filter comments like this. The plugin is smart enough to recognize that comment, even if it’s a nice one, it’s coming from a bot. If we like the comment and we takee it out of spam, Akismet will think he was wrong, because the final decision belongs to the site administrator, not the plugin. Then, each time the bot will visit the site again and try to spam, [intlink id=”641″ type=”post”]Akismet[/intlink] will allow it, because it will remember the decision taken by the administrator. In this way, you risk filling your blog with spam.

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  1. Hi Marius. I am a complete “newbee” when it comes to this blogging stuff – but a fast learner (I hope). I love to write…. I love to read and research. Thank you for your offer to help – any advice would be welcome. Just wanted to introduce myself. You say it’s fun – I hope so!

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