3rd October 2012 Mario Gheghici

Do I really need all these social websites???

social websites

Every day you hear that social media is vital for your business. But you know that everyone is on Facebook, so why bother trying the other networks?

For example, what people are saying about…
*Google Plus: it’s useless, used only by Google’s employees (yes, there was a joke about that)
*Twitter: short messages about your coffee. Anyway, if you try following too many people, you will get tons of messages that aren’t important for you.
*LinkedIn: “I’m a business person, I’m not looking for a job”.

Ok, for now let’s focus on these social networks.

1. Let’s start with Facebook. Yes, it’s usually the best place for the moment, if you want to get new customers.

Profile vs. Page dilemma
The most common mistake is creating a profile, instead of a page. Let’s say that you’re the owner of the “Cafeteria down the block”. So you’re creating a profile named “Cafeteria down the block”, and start sending friend requests to people. But do you want to be friends with a cafeteria??? Maybe you just want to like it. So, don’t create a profile, but a page. Then use the ads on Facebook. Be very careful with the targeted audience. It’s a long story about this, but it may be your key to success.

2. Did you know that Google+ is extremely important for SEO? Yes, it is. For example, I’m always logged in to Google account, because of the email. So, when I’m searching something on Google, I’m also receiving results from G+, updates of persons that are in my circles. Imagine how hard will be for you to reach on the first page of G+ for the term “cheap jewelry”. But if you post your page about cheap jewelry on G+, people who have you in circles will get your page on their results, if they are searching for this.

3. Twitter: use the power of #. You don’t need to have many followers. You just need to use the right #. Are you selling t-shirts with Formula 1 drivers, or teams? Post something about this with #F1 at the end. This way, people on Twitter who are following #F1 will see your tweet.

4. LinkedIn: This social network can give you amazing possibilities to grow your business. It’s the best network for B2B, but not only. Create a complete profile, best resume you can have, and then be active on groups and “LinkedIn answers”. Quickly, you will be seen as an expert on your domain. Not to say about SEO, and all the rest…

Yes, this is the shortest guide on how to use all the important social networks. Just keep in mind that you need 20-25 min daily for all of these networks, and your business will become a big success.

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