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Is Akismet free? How can I get a Akismet API key for free?

Akismet - Home page

Akismet, as I said in one of my earlier articles, it’s one of the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress ever. Just that, a few months ago, they’ve changed the look of the website, and, for more bloggers, Akismet appear like it’s a paid plugin. Of course it’s still free, only that the developers hope that you will help them by donating some bucks. If you have some bucks, at least for a coffee, I would certainly recommend you to donate.
But if you’re just starting your online dream, then you can wait a bit till you make the donation.
OK then, let’s see how you can have your site protected from spam.

Akismet - Home page

Akismet – Home page

1. Go to akismet.com
I like “Adiós comment spam” 🙂
Now, obviously, click the “Get started” button

2. Now you are on the “API key sign up – It’s easy” page
Here you have to choose your plan. As you can see, now there are 3 plans.

Akismet - Choose plan

Akismet – Choose plan

First is Enterprise (I hope you will get there very soon).
The second one is Pro – $5/mo. It is a single-site access and is for small non-personal sites or blogs – well, this one is for those business sites, for e-commerce websites on WordPress, etc.

3. The third plan is Personal, which is for personal blogs. This is free, but you can donate up to $120/yr.
You will see this question: “WHAT IS AKISMET WORTH TO YOU?”

If you have to say the true, than you will have to donate millions. But, because you don’t have all this money yet, you will probably choose 0. Just keep in mind, someday, when you will have all the money, make a small donation. This guys really deserve it.

Akismet - get the free API key

Akismet – get the free API key

Just fill the form, click sign up…. and that’s all. You will receive this message:

Your Akismet subscription is now active.
Plan: Personal
Price: 0.00 (It’s free)
You should receive an email shortly with your API key, and instructions on how to activate Akismet in WordPress.
If you have any questions about your subscription, or need technical support with Akismet, you can contact us using our support form, or by email to support @ akismet.com.”

Now you can use your Akismet API which will be sent by email.
To activate Akismet in recent versions of WordPress:

1. Go to the Plugins tab of your WordPress wp-admin dashboard.

2. Find the Akismet plugin. Click the Activate link if it’s not already active.

3. Go to the Plugins -> Akismet Configuration tab.

4. Enter your API key xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the box.

5. Click the Update Options button.

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Have fun!

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