10th November 2012 Mario Gheghici

How to use Facebook fan gate to get more likes for your page

Update: Starting November 2014, Facebook no longer allows Pages to require a user to Like a Page to gain access to content, contests, apps or rewards

Facebook Fan-gate was one of the most important tools for getting new likes on the old Facebook format.

Probably you remember that on the old format of Facebook you had the possibility to choose the landing tab for your fan page. I still think that this was one of the greatest marketing tools, even if it was controversial.
In fact, the user was invited to like the Facebook Business page in order to see its content.
Even if it’s not exactly how it was before, you can still use the fan gate tool.
Only that you need to use some more tricks to get new likes.

When using Facebook ads
1. When you want to promote your page with Facebook ads, first choose Page Likes.
Then, on Text and Links section, choose “Show Advanced Options”.
On Advanced Options section – From the dropdown menu of “Landing View” choose the tab where you have set up the fan gate.

2. Offer something on that page
Ok, so now, when people click on your ads, they will land on a page that has a clear “call to action”. The message is: “Like us if you want to see the content of this page”. I saw on zapos.com Facebook Page they were using “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship”. But the user can still visit the timeline, photos and all the other tabs on your profile. In this case you rely on his curiosity. Maybe he/she will be curious enough to like the page to see the content of that tab. But, if you want to be sure that you get his/her like, offer something: a report you’ve created, or an e-book, a white paper. Check here another example of a fan gate that I’ve created. These guys offer a free e-book if you like the page. Well… that’s more tempting.

3. Choose the position of that tab in your Facebook Page Timeline menu.

On the tab menu, which is situated right under your header page (the cover image and the title), by default, the first two tabs are Photos and Likes. You can’t change the position of Photo tab, but you can manipulate the other ones.

Click on that little arrow situated on the right of the menu tab, to expand the menu. Now, on your fan gated tab, click on the pencil (which is on the top right corner of the icon) and you will see “Swap position with:” and the other tabs.

If this is your first tab, you will only have “Likes” to swap with.

Choose position of tab in Facebook page menu

Choose position of tab in Facebook page menu

Like this, you are sure that the fan gate will be visible even to the visitors that come directly to your wall.
How do you create a fan-gate? Read here

That’s all for now.
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