28th December 2012 Mario Gheghici

Rumor: a smart watch from Apple, next year

According to tech.163.com sources said that Apple is building a Bluetooth smart watch, and that responsible for the design is Intel. The watch is expected to be listed in the first half of next year. The screen of the watch will be 1.5-inch OLED screen and transparent conductive (ITO) glass.

Smart watch from Apple


In fact, the Bluetooth Smart Watch is not a fresh product. Sony has launched a similar product, the name for the SmartWatch.

Sony Smart Watch is unable to answer a call. According to insiders, Apple’s smart watches will be able to answer the phone, directly with the iPhone interconnection. It can achieve this instruction because most of the smart phones have voice Assistant function, such as Apple’s Siri.
But… you still need an iPhone

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  1. The idea of wearable tech has been floating about, and with innovations which include Google Glass and iWatch, it really is effortless to find out that the technology is so close to becoming mainstream. The lovers of wearable tech are definitely pleased using the emergence of such innovative goods that may not simply soothe their cravings for tech, but additionally keep them within the newest trend and figure them as trendy and fashionable! Bluetooth devices were the very first gadgets that introduced the concept towards the industry. But at the time of their inception wearable tech was still ahead of its time as not quite a few gadgets followed. Suitable now even though, it can be an idea that is certainly getting heavily adopted.

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