27th April 2013 Mario Gheghici

Local SEO – Science Of Getting New Customers

Surprisingly, many of the local businesses I come across are still so ignorant regarding online marketing and Local SEO to increase their revenue. Most of them don’t even know the fact that their sales and enquiries can explode if they go ONLINE. Since, they are completely ignorant, it may be a tough task to pull these customers to buy your Local SEO services; therefore it is very important to prove to them the importance of SEO and its benefits that they can get with a very little optimization done. You, as an SEO Expert or an SEO agency have to tell them that they are missing a lot of local prospects that are anxiously searching for their services online.

Even worst, most of these local businesses are wasting their time and money on marketing through different irrelevant channels that don’t provide targeted leads or sales. It won’t be wrong if I say that every customer starts is research about the product online, and if the [intlink id=”1432″ type=”post”]local business[/intlink] is listed online, there is a strong chance of acquiring that customer.

Gain Trust Of Local Businesses

I have always emphasized on building the relationship with customer such that they trust on what you do and are confident that you are doing everything you can to benefit his business. But for that, you have to build the all important TRUST.

So how do you gain trust of Local Businesses? Here are few key points that you can do right away to build the trust in the market and ensure that your local business prospects trust what you do:

  • Free Information: The very first thing that you must do is to give useful and informative knowledge about Online Marketing and its benefits for free. Make sure that there are some case studies in it that they can relate to their own business. This free information can be in a form of newsletter, eBook, webinar, or anything that make it easy to convey your message in a professional way. The only goal should be to make you appear as an authority and a trustable guy.
  • Happy Customers: Having a happy customer is better than spending 100s of dollars on marketing. A happy customer gives you the best referrals for long-term, so ensure that each customer you get is 100% satisfied with the work.
  • Appear as a Professional Not Amateur: Ensure that you appear to your prospect as a professional agency or an expert by all means. The first thing that your potential client for Local SEO would check is your website. So make sure that your website is professionally built and it answers most of the questions that your customers might be interested in.

Along with these above points, you should also ensure that you are active on Social Media and your potential clients can connect with you on multiple platforms.

Bren is a tech blogger with great interest in SEO and IM Technologies. He occasionally contributes informative resource to Assisted Reputation, a SEO Consultant Company in London.

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