29th April 2013 Mario Gheghici

Advancements Made In The Restaurant Industry

Technological and professional developments, as well as a burgeoning interest in food, have ensured that the restaurant industry not only keeps pace with parallel advancements in other professions, but intelligently incorporates creative innovations. These innovations range from quicker and convenient ordering tools and procedures, to superior take out containers.

Gone are the days when restaurant menus were large leather-bound volumes and the food judged by the size of the portion on the plate. The whole idea of the eating out experience is now far more complex and can be gauged by pricing, convenience, restaurant ambience or status. In addition speed and efficiency of service, and range or novelty of cuisine comes in to play as well.

While technology has given some in the restaurant industry an edge over their competitors, others have made advancements through better outreach and promotional proficiency.

Better Knowledge

Through dedicated television channels like the Food Channel and BBC Food, people have not only developed an interest in food and restaurants, but have become quite savvy in the finer points of what they consume. The restaurant industry has had to step up to meet the demands of their more discerning clientele.

Many restaurants make it a point to frequently introduce new and innovative dishes on their menus. To do this they have to rely on new equipment and staff trained in new techniques and equipment management.

Online Convenience and Social Media

Reservations can now be made from one’s cell phone and online. Most [intlink id=”1370″ type=”post”]restaurants [/intlink]have websites displaying the location of the establishment, menus, pricing, promotional offers and even seating plans.

Social media can and does play a big role in deciding the business status of many restaurants. Opinions posted on review sites like Yelp or on Facebook can make or break a restaurant.

Hi-tech ordering

Some restaurants have started using iPads to take orders. This direct swipe and choose approach has been the key to cost cutting and instrumental in shorter wait periods, while ruling out the possibility of errors.

Instead of only written descriptions, many restaurants employ pictures of the meal. This next generation of Point of Sales (PoS) usage allows chefs to interact with tickets and clear them quickly.

Kitchen tools and equipment

Other developments in restaurant technology have allowed some establishments to feature advanced appliances with integrated timers and digital gauges that eliminate inaccurate readings.

Also in the kitchen, many machines including fryer baskets, can accurately serve up a portion with the same quality and amount every time.

Customers are getting fewer reasons to complain about take out containers. Ordered from home or used for leftovers at the restaurant, take out containers manufactured from environmentally friendly materials have advanced significantly.

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