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3 Twitter Tools To Help Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

Internet marketers have been successfully using Twitter for promotional campaigns over the years. The platform is certainly a great resource for generating leads and loyal clients. As the platform is primarily focused on social connectivity at personal level, you’ll need to use and master a few tools to utilize the command of Twitter and to empower your commercial campaigns and maximize the profits. Let’s discover 3 outstanding tools to enhance and empower the Twitter marketing campaigns.

3 Twitter tools to help enhance your marketing campaign

Once you have built a good follower base on twitter, you should concentrate on managing them. You can buy twitter followers, but you can’t expect them to convert unless you pay close attention in engaging and entertaining the followers. Let’s explore few productive Twitter tools that can help you get better response from the followers and make more profits.

#1 SocialBro – an efficient manager and analyzer for your twitter followers

A busy [intlink id=”525″ type=”post”]Twitter marketer[/intlink] needs an efficient manager to handle his marketing campaigns. SocialBro is one of the most powerful twitter management tool. It also helps discovering the followers and manage the campaigns on this amazing social platform. You can easily evaluate the trends, the activities of your followers, best time to tweet the posts and ensure maximum exposure. The easy-to-use tool can help you in managing Twitter campaigns at a few clicks. You can also search the followers using advanced search terms and keywords. The tool can help you plan the campaign in a very professional way.

#2 inboxQ – the tool to dig the recent discussions and trends

Have you ever thought about using Twitter as a search engine and discover the trends? This amazing tool, inboxQ can easily dig the questions asked by your followers and others around the world. This will help you locate the potential clients and your target population. Every second, millions of users are posting question-tweets and many of them go unanswered and your opportunities are wasted. You should find those specific questions and answer them accordingly to establish yourself as an expert in that niche. You just need to list the keywords and create a campaign. This will help you discover the potential clients and grab their attention by posting resourceful, relevant answers.

#3 Buffer – the smart, powerful Twitter scheduler

Do you know why so many people prefer WordPress as a content management system (CMS)? WordPress lets its’ users enjoy utmost freedom. It comes with an efficient scheduler that publishes and posts articles on due time according to the predefined schedules. Twitter doesn’t offer a similar integrated tool. But Buffer, a third party tool works as a fantastic scheduler and lets you organize the campaigns like a pro. You can use buffer free of cost and schedule 10 tweets a day. You can use other tools like SocialBro to ensure the best use of Buffer and get the best exposure to your posts. And better exposure clearly brings more leads and loyal clients.

There are thousands of Twitter marketing tools that can help you run and manage your campaigns better. You should research and dig out a combined solution for your Twitter marketing campaigns and maximize the earnings.

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