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Traditional and Modern British Cuisines Intensifies the Charm of Private Dining

By Riva Denial

When you look upon to best British food, you seek the help of an internet or consult a friend or family. Browsing thousand of sites gives you the opportunity to go through important facts about delectable cuisines served in different parts of the UK.


For many food lovers, is it the perfect place to explore a series of traditional and modern dishes served with utmost hospitality and care. The range for the food item is so huge that it becomes difficult to choose. Some go crazy for traditional English food while few gets hooked up to modern cuisines prepared by young cooks with a zest for innovation and perfection.

Private Dining

Earlier people preferred to have traditional food including lamb, pork, beef, fish, chicken and seafood mainly served with potatoes and vegetables as a supper. The typical English food eaten by Britishers are sandwich, chips, fish, patties, pies, corn pastries, trifle and other roasted items. They prefer to go on four meals a day that’s considered as simple, wholesome and healthy.

History about British cuisines

The traditional food recipes of Britain have a multicultural assortment of Romans and French platter. The Normans invasion of the country has led to the inclusion of rare and expensive spices to the delicacies like, cinnamon, mace, saffron, pepper, nutmeg and ginger. At that time, sugar merely treated as the rare spices till the arrival of honey, fruit juice or cane sugar.


In the 20th century, English food guide took an enchanting turn when the restaurants and hotels began to include authentic taste and savoury of multi cuisine dishes ranging from Chinese, Thai, Continental, Mexican, Mediterranean and lots more. This inclusion has dignified the status of British culinary to modern and customised style of food preparation
It doesn’t decrease the popularity of traditional food such as roast, Yorkshire pudding, kidney pie, butter puddings, tart, and fish and chips. However, the potato consumption drastically replaced through pasta and rice. The use of butter has also declined and replaced with salad and vegetable oil. .


The present culinary experience to food items includes salmon, Norwegian prawns, lamb, Dover sole, etc. Wild chicken, fish, mullet, lobster, oysters and poultry items are the other hit to the modern English diet.


Puddings and pies are the integral dishes of the British culinary. These are mainly consumed as supper with stew, particularly in steamed or boiled form. The food industry in Britain underwent a massive change. It gives the public new experiences to delectable dishes encountering submerge of traditional and modern food items.

To Summarise

Every year thousands of tourists land in London to have a gala time with their loved ones. During their stay, they explore numerous restaurants, hotels, or eating joints to taste the world’s best cuisines. To rejuvenate themselves in the company of their near and dear ones, they prefer to go for a private dining experience following the right ambiance and choice of delicious English cuisines.

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