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Best SEO strategy for 2014

Forget abour SEO - Optimize your website for people

Forget abour SEO - Optimize your website for peopleWith all the “penguins”, “pandas”, “elephants” and “dolphins”, there was a rumor that SEO is dead. Well, you know that’s impossible, but it looked like SEO is dead for the… let’s say “average” user.

It looked like there are only two solutions: get help from an expensive SEO Agency or try to use AdWords. Actually, someone was saying the other day that Google will continue to change its algorithm, just because want’s to push AdWords.

But this theory it’s not true. Or, at least, we do not think that. SEO is not dead for the normal user of the internet. Just try to think a bit different.

The golden rule: No SEO!

Yes, that’s true. That’s what we learned from a book that you can get it for just a few bucks on Amazon: “Forget about SEO. Optimize your website for people”. I think the title says it all.

In this book you will find revealed all the secrets and the small details that can make your business grow online, without even thinking of SEO. Actually, you will learn SEO techniques, but you will just learn how to think SEO the clean way.

Don’t think at SEO when you start working on a website.
1. In site:
Think at the content that you prepared for your visitors. Make the website interesting for you and for your mates. You can even ask some of your friends what is their opinion about the website.
A. Content: write good content. Think at your website like at a small Wikipedia 🙂 Try to help people with the information that you provide.
B. Make it readable. Be sure that your mates can read your content easily. Make sure that the title is exactly what you want to transmit through your article. Use one or more images. If it’s an image with a dog, then the image name should be dog, not a random number. You may say that this is already part of some SEO strategy. Well, it is, but you don´t have to act like it´s SEO. Just act normally. In fact, I think it’s weird to use strange random names for images.

Well, in this book you will find all the small things that will make the difference.

2. Out site optimization
Ok, so now you have a website and you have some good content on it. You will learn some golden rules from this book. First, don’t think that promoting your website is a race. Is not! You know that you have good content, and that people would be more than happy to read it. Maybe some of them will even show their gratitude.

After all, was your effort.

It’s really important to do everything the right way. How, when and why you should promote your website, your articles: it’s one of the most important lessons in the book.

Enjoy your reading


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