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How to get free Kindle Books on Amazon

Many people don’t know that you can get free Amazon Kindle Books. Actually, when I told that to one of my friends, he asked me, very honest: “Is this legal? Cannot be!” We all know that Amazon is huge because they are selling, not giving anything for free. Well, that’s not actually true. Till now I think I “bought”, or better say I downloaded more than 400 Kindle books for free. And no, no one hacked Amazon 🙂


Amazon wants to sell

Yeah, we all know that. But how can [intlink id=”598″ type=”post”]Amazon [/intlink]be happy by giving books for free? Actually, it’s a way of helping the writers and publishers promoting their books. Imagine that you just wrote a book about food, about cooking, and maybe it’s the best book ever in this niche. But Amazon doesn’t have how to know that, and because of that your book will never be in top of the page when people are searching for cooking books. And if the book won’t show up in searches, then you will not sell your book, and no one will ever discover it. And you will try with a second book, a third book, but, in the end, you will give up. You will think that selling on Amazon it’s just a waste of time, because no one is actually buying your work.


Amazon is helping the writers and publishers

And Amazon doesn’t want that to happen. That’s why Amazon is giving a hand to those indie writers, by giving them the opportunity to give the books away for free, for 5 days, each three months (I think). It’s writer’s or publisher’s job to promote his book, to tell people that his book will be available for free on Amazon, and to ask for reviews from those who took the book for free. Anyway, now you understand that you won’t find Shakespeare or modern known novels for free, you will still have to pay for that. But I found a lot of unbelievable good books for free on Amazon.


Now, how can you find those books?

1. After logging in to Amazon, go on the “Shop by department” menu, choose “Kindle” and after “Kindle Store” and click on “Kindle Books

Shop for free Kindle books

2. The second step is to browse the kindle store by categories, and choose the category you are interested in. For the sake of this example, we will choose “Cookbooks, Food & Wine” which will take as to another page: “Kindle Cooking, Food & Wine”

Browse Kindle Shoop for books by category

3. Browse the subcategories, and choose the one you are interested in. Let’s choose for now “Canning & Preserving”. So, we are now in ‹ Kindle Store ‹ Kindle eBooks ‹ Cookbooks, Food & Wine Canning & Preserving.

Browse Kindle store for subcategorie


4. And now we’ll do the magic. On the right corner, you have a drop down menu, from where you can sort the books by: New and Popular; Price: Low to High; Price: High to Low; Avg. Customer Review; and Publication Date. Obviously, choose “Price: Low to high”.

Sort Kindle books by


And that’s it. Right now, when I’m writing this article, there are four kindle books for free in this subcategory. And you can try again with all the other categories and subcategories. I don’t know for sure, but I think there are at least a few hundreds of Kindle Books for free daily.

Free Kindle Books in Amazon store


Tell us if you get your books for free from Amazon and

Enjoy your read!

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