24th December 2013 Mario Gheghici

Travelers, hotels and technology in 2013 – Infographic

Very interesting research about customers’ behavior in 2013


Device and entertainment autonomy:

45% Hotel guests travel with two devices
40% Hotel  guest travel with three or more devices

Virtual booking

57% Travel reservation are made on the internet
65% Same day hotel reservation made from a smartphone

Leverage the billboard effect

14% Increase in direct booking during OTA listing
1.5% Increase in ADR (Average Daily Rate) during OTA listing

Free Wi-Fi

38% Guests reported Wi-Fi was the priority factor while booking hotel
85% Travelers want access to free Wi-Fi in hotels

Role of Social Media

78% Consumers influenced by posts made by companies on Social Media while making purchases
72% Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


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