17th January 2014 Mario Gheghici

5 Things You Need To Do After Your Blog Post Goes Live

Woo-hoo! You just finished writing an awesome blog post, and it just went live on your website. Is it time to call it a day and go out drinking? Not so fast. Creating and publishing your blog post is just the first step.

You need to complete a few more tasks to really maximize the reach and results of your blog post. After all, you’ve worked hard in coming up with it. You should do the work to see it through.

Below is a detailed check list of the activities to complete after you’ve published your guest post:

1. Share, share, and share some more

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of bloggers who fail to cover all their social media sharing bases. Sharing a post via Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook are of course the first steps, but if you really want to make sure that your posts gets the most exposure possible, you need to go beyond the “big 4” and extend the sharability of your article.

After publishing to the top social networks, share the post via StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, and Reddit. Also see if you can find niche social networks relevant to your article and post it there.

Have you read any interesting blog posts related to your article? Pop in the comments section and post a friendly, thoughtful (NOT spammy or canned) [intlink id=”434″ type=”post”]comment[/intlink] and mention your article.

Finally, if you know anyone who might be interested in your article (i.e. colleagues, friends, etc.) send them an email with the link and invite them to check out and share your article if they like it. Do exercise caution in doing this, though. Make sure that you only email people if you already have a relationship with them AND if what you wrote really is relevant and interesting.

2. Tag / mention relevant individuals

Did you mention other blogs, companies, or individuals in your posts? If so, be sure to tag them when you share the article. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn make it extremely easy to do this, so don’t skip this step.

This tactic works like a charm for list or round-up posts. Often, the people / businesses that you mentioned in your article are so grateful, they’re more than happy to retweet, share, or even comment on your post.

3. Add it to your portfolio / LinkedIn profile

Blog posts aren’t just for link building or attracting more website visitors; they can also be used to build credibility and demonstrate your expertise. That being said, be sure to showcase your articles by including them in your portfolio or LinkedIn profile.

4. Thank the blog owner (if it’s a guest post)

Successfully published a [intlink id=”1388″ type=”page”]guest post[/intlink]? Congrats! Don’t forget to thank the blog owner for the opportunity. You can do this by either posting a comment under the article or by sending them a quick email.

5. Respond to comments

Don’t “post and run”. It’s disrespectful to the audience and leaves a bad impression. If you published a guest post and failed to respond to comments, the blog owner would likely turn down any requests for future guest posts.

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