27th January 2014 Mario Gheghici

Why A Business Shouldn’t Be Considering Hanging Up Their Telephones

Modern businesses will find themselves frequently adapting and introducing new communication technologies to help boost their trade, and with many new ways to engage with and attract customers, plenty of companies are starting to believe that they should start to leave ‘old’ communication technology behind in favour of newer, socially popular ways.

With communication technology such as email, instant messaging, social media and text creating new ways for businesses to stay in touch with clients and customers, businesses are becoming tempted to stop use of ‘traditional’ forms of communication, such as the telephone. Despite there being some technologies that are best left behind due to factors such as speed, a telephone should still remain as a firm foundation for business communication.

The telephone has long been established as an office or retail space essential due to allowing customers and clients to quickly make contact with one another and it continues to be one of the best forms of communication for any company. Businesses who feel that their telephone systems have become obsolete and should be retired should reassess their understanding of how and why a good telephone system is important for business.

Personal Contact

The power of the spoken word should never be underestimated by any business, as a personal voice can be an incredibly persuasive tool. As communicating via written word such as email and instant messages removes a personal aspect, the content becomes less persuasive, unclear in tone, and can be easily dismissed, meaning that companies looking to [intlink id=”1695″ type=”post”]encourage business deals[/intlink], or communicate in a more personal way are best suited to do so over the phone.

Communicating via the telephone allows for instant, personal contact, those having to speak about difficult or important information may find that speaking on the phone to clients that are difficult to stay in touch with, or customers who are unsatisfied or unhappy is easier that trying to make contact through email or letter.

Understandable Communication

As conversations had in the digital realm of social media, email, and instant messaging allows for open interpretation by the receiver things can often get ‘lost in translation’ which can sometimes lead to receiver’s being offended, or misunderstanding the message, whereas if discussing the items using a phone, errors and misunderstandings can quickly and easily be corrected.

Those communicating over the phone will find that they can convey emotions much more easily as they are able to make use of vocal tone along with emotive language, which is incredibly useful in situations such as handing complaints, or completing a business transaction.

Instant Contact

One of the main benefits of a business using a telephone is the fact that it allows for instant contact. Should there be a workplace emergency, an employee needing to make contact with their manager, or a deadline needing to be met, instant communication is often the best way to ensure that targets are met and issues resolved sometimes quicker than if communicating by email.

Businesses should remember that effective communication is one of the best ways to create success for their company, and that in order to do so, they should not stop using older forms of communication in favour of new technologies, but should instead use a wide selection so that they can stay in touch with customers in clients in order to increase trade and maintain service standards.

By Beth Stubbings

Beth Stubbings believes that being able to communicate with businesses over the phone makes a good impression, along with being an effective way to make contact. She would recommend Three Cherries to businesses looking to have their phone systems managed.

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