29th January 2014 Mario Gheghici

Content makes the difference

No surprise that traditional marketing turned out to be not so efficient these days and that more and more potential customers are now spread into digital. While big brands are struggling to capture our attention with colorful, catchy and expensive billboards, the magazines are selling sad stories, we see small brands and small businesses growing, without spending a fortune, by making use of what social media has to offer. And it’s not less. It gives you the chance to reach, find and, if smart enough, conquer your target.


Sound easy, right? You know that everyone is social now and you realize that it’s exactly what your business needs. A professional page or account on social media websites! You want that, too. You want your business online! How easy as it sound, turns out that you still have to follow some steps if you want to make the most of the social media campaign. By creating a Facebook page, assuming you know the difference between a page and a profile, your page is just out there, but it’s now growing. Actually, nothing happens. As, we all overheard, content is the key to a successful social media campaign. And it’s true.

There is no such thing like a sure and safe way and no secret recipe to your online success but, by taking small steps you can build a strong and loyal community around your brand.

Know your customers and set the tone

It can be as easy as you are talking with a friend, the only difference is that you are talking with a friend with multiple personalities and you must be prepared for negative feedback, too.

Always say the true about your brand. Be exactly who you are, no tricks or misleading. Nothing can go worse than a lie. Very hard, if not impossible, to go back on a track if your audience’s trust is lost.

Make the content personal, emotional. People tend to react and engage, share and tag, if they find themselves in a similar situation or the story goes to their heart. We all know that cats and children sell best, but try not to overuse them. Especially if you are selling cars parts.

Keep it short. With all this information bombarding us on the internet, your customers are just skimming the content. Try to use the right words with the major impact. No fancy, technical words and complicated sentences. Make them understand immediately what your brand is all about. Keeping the content interesting and valuable is a sure way to make your audience coming back.

Sell your product in a smart way. No one wants to be assaulted by offers and promotions. Present them reviews of your product, let them chose. If they find your product useful they will come to you, due to positive feedback from other customers.

If you engage in this relationship is no way out. It’s a full time job. You have to answer to their queries, you must be there and you must involve them in every decision you make. That’s how it goes. You have to make your community part of your business. That’s how you create a long term relationship.

Commitment is the key, but the content is a safe ride to a devoted and trustworthy community, which values your brand and your products.

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