4th February 2014 Mario Gheghici

Planning your online marketing strategy

Planning. How many times have you heard that? And you still don’t believe it? Let me tell you a secret: planning your strategy it’s really the key to a successfully marketing campaign. 

People are living social, so instead of sitting ducks and wait, you might be interested in bringing your business in 21st century. The consumers are mostly interested in getting a fast and prompt reply, instead of long calls to customer’s line. Social media is speeding and facilitating the customer desire into a rapid response to their queries or complains. It’s a win-win situation. If you are taking good care and listen to your customers, the satisfaction of creating a strong community around your brand can be a huge step into keeping them loyal to your products and making them the ambassadors of your brand.

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Define your goals

Leads and sales. I know that’s the answer, it’s everyone’s answer and honestly, it’s the right answer. Just be careful how you want to generate them. Don’t just rush into the idea that this is something easy to obtain. You have to know your customers first. Narrow down your niche and don’t expect everyone to become your customer.

Choose the right channels. Finding [intlink id=”1788″ type=”post”]the right social media channel[/intlink] can be tricky. If you are a B2B business you might think about choosing more professional channels like LinkedIn, instead of Facebook or Twitter. If you are a B2C business, than Facebook is still a powerful customer service platform.  Where do they spend their time? Where are they most likely to see or hear and pay attention to information about your products? What type of content can you generate to keep up with this on growing desire to find more and more information and novelty that your customers are looking for? Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, provoke your audience. See what fits and test to see what is making them to engage more with your brand.

Be constant

Once you started to build an online presence you better be ready to motivate your customers to remain loyal. Find out what they like to see, listen and see how they engage with you content. And don’t take it for granted. If you stop being a friendly online presence and you start to push too hard your product, you might lose them. Keep a safe proportion of 70 percent interesting, educational content and 30 percent about selling your product. Give them what they want, make them return and follow your content and keep them close with interactive, interesting and sharable content. Being a good listener can help you understand how your audience empathizes with your brand. It’s important to not forget that you’re a participant, too. Listen to what your community has to say and engage in conversation.

Never assume that social media is free

If it’s not all about spending money, than it’s about spending time and, sometimes, time is more valuable.  And keep close a [intlink id=”1828″ type=”post”]good online marketing team[/intlink]. They can make the difference. After all, it’s their job.

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