10th February 2014 Mario Gheghici

It’s Online Marketing Strategy, not rocket science!

You might consider planning your online strategy rocket science, but if you are paying attention to some aspects, you will find that it’s not that hard. It’s more like developing a social skill or taking advantage of your social skills, if there are any.

Even if you enjoy spending time on social websites or not, the crowd out there is using all the social channels. And if you want  to reach your potential clients, you have to make the step, and get there, in front of everyone.

Social media it’s about people, and it’s more humanized then ever! It’s the perfect tool to connect with your customers, but also it’s the perfect tool for customers to be your [intlink id=”1839″ type=”post”]brand ambassadors[/intlink]. If disappointed, they can crush you in a minute. It’s amazing, how 70% of Americans, and even more Europeans, are buying a product only after reading the reviews about it. So it’s not only to have a good product, but also a good branding strategy: to invite people to try it and share their thoughts with everyone.


The strategy is the foundation of your online marketing campaign, it’s the first and one of the most important steps. You have to discover your target, analyse and set goals. All these steps will help you develop a solid campaign.

There are so many marketing terms out there, but don’t be scared. You don’t need to get into technical stuff to set up a good campaign. It’s a good thing to keep everything as organised as possible, but you don’t have to put a tick mark in front of every achieved goal. In 2014 it’s all about content marketing, and good content is the key to interact with your customers. Interesting and [intlink id=”598″ type=”post”]valuable content will bring you in front of your competitors[/intlink]. Will attract prospects, convert leads and most of all, will engage customers.

Since we’ve already said “it’s all about people”, your approach, the way you engage with your customers has to be a friendly and open one! Try to avoid a corporate tone and do not be persistent in selling your product. Let them come towards your product.

As I already mentioned before, in order for people to buy a product, they prefer to hear review from other buyers. They are more likely to buy from you if instead of pushing your product you give them positive reviews, special offers or ask their opinion. Make them feel like part of a big and happy family.

Give them fresh and consistent content, let them know as much as possible about your products, ideas: a branding campaign in which you explain the purpose of your business. The content should provide information about the solutions you’re offering, not about the features of your product. This can be a good reason for your community to follow and share your thoughts. With Facebook changing its algorithm all the time, make sure that – if your content does not appear in news feed – your potential clients will try to search for your page, because they want to be informed about you. Try to make them loyal customers, so they will search after your page/your community and will still engage with your brand.

Is difficult to create content  for all your social networks, especially when you should post at least once a day. There are different algorithms, and looks like it’s best to post at least 4 times a day on Facebook and 8 times a day on Twitter. Wow, that means a lot of time to create and publish your content. And, don’t forget, needs to be quality content. Sometimes it’s not easy to find or create a good post to publish. Every time you find yourself in this situation use this trick which works every time: Give them some insides of your business. Take a photo of your office, with your day to day work, something that can tell a story about your business. People love stories and love to see that your brand is humanised. Don’t be a counting money machine.

Incentives are a great way to engage but also to promote a new or existing product. Give them special offers, discounts and prizes. Reward them for being loyal to your brand. Reward those who are active in conversations and shared you content. Thank them for every suggestion they gave, and even when is not a positive feed-back.  If your customers see that you’re listening to their voice, they will come back, they will follow your posts. And if you gain their trust you got yourself some loyal brand ambassadors.

When you put something out there do not spam your customers. Build and earn their trust!



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