24th February 2014 Mario Gheghici

How should you measure your online marketing efforts?

The best part with online marketing, compared with the traditional marketing, is that you can measure almost all your efforts and results.

You don’t need too many KPIs, but you should still keep your eyes on the most important ones. What I usually do?

I. First of all, I measure the Cost per Customer – from two perspectives:


1. Cost per Costumer%PPC – the cost per customer based on my [intlink id=”1684″ type=”post”]PPC effort[/intlink] (Calculated budget for PPC / new customers)

2. Cost per Costumer%Campaign – the cost per customer based on our Marketing Campaign effort PPC and Branding (All marketing budget / new customer)

II. Another important KPI for me is Cost per Lead from Email subscription, PPC and Email marketing – This will also ends as Cost per Customer

III. The third one is Traffic to Lead Ratio – From Google Analytics – This analysis is just for the main website. If I’m using landing pages for my PPC or email marketing campaigns I’m not counting the traffic to these landing pages on this KPI.

IV. Landing Page Conversion Rates – From both PPC & Email Marketing – A/B testing – to see which pages are the most efficient. I have to mention that A/B testing needs to be done for at least two months to decide which pages generate the most leads. One month is not enough.

As I mentioned before, I always analyse Organic Searches – based on my [intlink id=”598″ type=”post”]SEO effort[/intlink].

Also, I am always keeping an eye on – [intlink id=”1839″ type=”post”]Social Media leads[/intlink] which are measurable but not predictable

Bounce Rate optimization (Always make changes when the bounce rate is too high)

Social Media Reach – Am I posting something that matters to my audience?

Mobile Traffic, Leads and Conversion Rates

Hope this helps!

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