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How should you advertise your business through Facebook?

How effective is Facebook advertising comparing to other ways of promoting your business is another discussion. But for now, let’s say you have decided to use Facebook ads to promote your Facebook Business Page.
First of all, you have a huge amount of calls to action on your page, inviting you to get more likes or to reach a larger audience by boosting your post.
1. On the top of the page, in the admin area, you have a list with your latest posts, and the possibility to boost any of them.


2. On the very top right of your page, you have a button to “Promote your Page”
3. Also in the admin panel, under your latest posts, you have another “Promote your Page” and “Get more likes”
4. On the bottom right side of your timeline you have “See your ad here” and the button “Boost post”
5. And finally, you have “Boost post” option for most of your posts on the page.
It’s not a surprise that Facebook wants you to promote your page. Now more than ever, since they’ve changed the algorithm, and you’re reaching less and less people organically. – But this is also another discussion.
I recommend you not to touch any of these buttons. Don’t use these options to promote your page or your posts, because you will probably waste most of your money. The only options you have to target your audience by using these ways are by country, age and interests. Still something, but you can have more than that for your money.
Instead of that you can go to facebook.com/ads/create. The “Advertise of Facebook” section have more options to target and to reach the right audience.
Let’s say you want more likes for your page.
First of all, you have the option to Use up to 6 different images to create more adverts in your campaign at no extra cost. So, instead of using just one image, you will have 6 different ads, so you can see which one gives you the best results. Also, you will not promote your page with the default image, the one that you use as the profile pic. For news feed you can choose images with the size of 600 pixels x 225 pixels – which are good for mobile ads.
You can also choose the text of your ad instead of using the default description. You can have a new headline and a content. You can use advanced options, and choose on which tab you want people to land on your page.
Another important option is that you can use a custom audience – if you have a list of subscribers, for example, you can use your Mailchimp list. Or you can import the email list from Excel.
Even more, you can create a custom audience from your website. How? You will be given some lines of code – yes, you might need the help of your developer – and put that code into your website. Facebook will track the visitors that came to your website, and show them the ad later on Facebook.


Why is this an important option? Let’s say you’re selling hats. Elena arrives on your website and wants to buy one, but her TV show is starting. So, she is leaving your website, is turning off her laptop and goes in living room, to see her favourite show. When she comes back to the laptop, and checking her Facebook, she will see your ad. Facebook will show her your ad, because she was interested in your products, since she was visiting your website.

You also have the default options that were on your timeline as well: target by location, age and language.
But you can choose even more demographics to target, like Relationship Status, Education Level, and so on…
You can choose to target only people that have specific connections, or people/ friends of people who are already fans of any Facebook page you manage.

And you have even more options to target. (Now maybe you understand why Facebook is always asking you to tell them your interests in books, movies.) They are collection all the information to offer more target options to those who want to promote their business.

Indeed, maybe will take a few more minutes to set up your ads, but is well worth it!

If you want even more options, you should use Power Editor, and application for Google Chrome. But for now, it’s OK if you use the advertising section of Facebook.

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