27th February 2014 Mario Gheghici

You’re a blogger, not a robot! Why you shouldn’t post your blog articles automatically to social websites

I had the chance to work with many marketers, in different countries in the world (most of them in Europe, but not only). I saw that all of them were mad about automation.

I agree, automation is very good in some cases, for example in email marketing. But most of them were using automation to post their articles to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Even on Google+, but with this social network things are a bit complicated, since there aren’t too many plugins that allows you to automatically post on it.


Most of the marketers I know use WordPress for their blogs. There are a huge amount of plugins that allows you to publish your articles automatically on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So, once you press “Publish” button on your blog, the article is automatically posted on your Facebook Page, on your twitter profile, and also as an update on LinkedIn.

Till here everything sounds great. If is that easy, then why shouldn’t you use it? Well, because there is a small issue. A plugin is still a plugin, doesn’t have a brain. An auto-poster plugin can save you a few minutes, but it will never know what’s trending on Twitter, or how people like to engage with your page on [intlink id=”1933″ type=”post”]Facebook[/intlink]. And you will end up with an empty, soulless message. Some plugins allows you to use a generic hashtag on Twitter, but, in the end, it will post only the title of the article and the link (yes, and that generic hashtag that you’ve choose for all your tweets).

Now, honestly, I don’t think you’re posting more than once or twice a day on your blog. Then try to share your stories on Facebook and Twitter accordingly. Indeed, it will take 5-10 minutes more, but it’s definitely not a wasted time.

On Facebook, try to tell the story of your article, try to invite people in the most honest way, to read your article, because it will help them to learn what you have to say.

On Twitter, try to use the proper hashtags for your article. I’m sure you would like everyone to search for your personalised hashtag, the one that you use for your business. But you know very well they don’t. So, if the article is about travel, use appropriate hastags. Is about social media, use the ones for that… See what’s [intlink id=”1810″ type=”post”]trending[/intlink] in your domain, and try to reach people that are really interested in what you’re saying.

Also, maybe you have written the article at 10 am, but your audience will be on Facebook at lunch, and on Twitter in the afternoon. Try to schedule your posts, instead of sending them directly to your social pages.

It will take less than 10 minutes to publish on those networks the right way. So, please, don’t use auto-post plugins for your business.


Hope this helps!

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