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Why is a good thing to use Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the most important social media websites, a platform with more than one billion active users. This makes Facebook one of the best places for advertising, since many of the internet users are already on this platform. Facebook is providing tools for advertisers, depending on what their goals are, and it’s used by thousands of marketers, even if there are voices complaining about the system provided by this social network. Even so, there is a controversy about “click farms”, fake click made by Facebook to charge more for each ad.


In the next lines you’ll find most important aspects of using Facebook as an advertising platform.

Instead of using the old marketing tools, like television, newspapers, radio or billboards, many marketers are using now the online tools, as Facebook or AdWords. Facebook can be a great tool for advertisers, since 1.3 billion active users, and the average time spent per visit is 18 minutes. Also, a user has an average of 130 friends, which can be used as referrals for different products. The only problem is that, on average, a Facebook user is connected to 80 group and pages, and the math shows that is not that easy for brands to reach a user, even if he liked brand’s page. Since the organic and viral reach is not that easy to get, advertising is one of the best solutions on Facebook.


The social media platform offers three types of tools for advertisers. “On page boost”, “Ads platform” and, for most advanced users, “Power editor” (please use this one if you’re doing Facebook Ads), which can be used as an application on Google Chrome browser. The most important thing is that all these tools allow marketers to specify the targeted audience. On “power editor”, for example, the marketer can choose to show the ad to people with a specific education level, a specific marital status, or people who have specific interest. The marketers can even choose to show ads based on different events, like birthdays or school graduations.


In the same time, many marketers avoid using Facebook Ads, saying that AdWords remains the main option. They say that Facebook is using click farms to be sure they take all the money from the marketers. For example, on AdWords there are many chances that the campaign budget will not be totally exhausted at the end, because not too many people clicked on the ads. The situation is different on Facebook. Almost all of the time, the budget is exhausted at the end of the campaign, no matter how small the target audience was. Anyway, there are many brands that say they are very happy with Facebook ads.

I don’t know. I have tried Facebook ads so many times. And I got a good ROI. Now I’m doing a test, and I will write a post about this experiment once is over. I’ve created landing pages, doing also A/B testing on Facebook, AdWords, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m talking about the same offer in all of those ads. I’m offering the website as an Android App, downloadable from Google Play, to all the clients that create a website with me. So I’m talking about a real offer, a real experiment. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I can tell you that I’m not too happy with LinkedIn results. But maybe is just because my target is small business owners, and they don’t spend too much time on LinkedIn.. About the other three options, I want to talk in another article. But let’s get back to Facebook.


Facebook just bought Watsapp, a mobile app used to send messages between phones for free, and marketers expect more options to target customers in the near future. Also, Facebook is expanding its Exchange feature that allows marketers to target people that visited specific websites. I’m experimenting now Facebook Exchange with AdRoll, but there are also other options. And, the number of Facebook active users is increasing. All these make Facebook one of the most important advertising platforms.

Now, I would like to hear from you why do you think is Facebook a good or a bad platform. On another article I’ve received some comments from people, mostly marketers, saying that Facebook is not good for advertising; But no arguments… Do you have any example?

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  1. I think Facebook can be a good advertising platform. The ROI of a campaign doesn’t just depend on the platform being used. It depends on if the message is right, if the targeting is right, what the product is and other factors. If the various variables are set right, then Facebook can be effective. That is my view.

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