2nd May 2014 Mario Gheghici

The New Google – Data results, Android Apps and Structured Video Content

You don’t need to be preoccupied about Search Engine Optimization to see how many changes Google made in the last couple of years. I’m not talking about Panda, Penguin, or about the new fonts Google is using now for the results page. I’m talking about structured data, apps and even structured video content.

Hummingbird: Structured Data

Maybe one of the most important change was Hummingbird – the first step to data search results instead of link search results. The fact that when you’re searching May Day you don’t get just a list of websites, but a clear answer to when and how is May Day. Or how you search “10×10=” and the result is “100”.

Another type of interesting result is when you search something like “what’s my ip”. Until a year ago you were receiving a list of good websites that will tell your IP address. Now you get the IP directly from SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

I think this is how Google managed to be always a step ahead of his competitor #Bing. I am using both search engines; I know many of you don’t, because #Google is just enough. And you’re probably right. I am just wondering what’s going to happen in a few years. But, for sure, the internet will be a lot different.

Google made an important change into ads as well. Even if is not propagated all over the world, now, if you search for a product, you get a list of images ads with that product in different shops, and with the price as well. Here is not only a fight with Bing and Yahoo, but with Amazon as well.

Google Play Store in Search Results

Now, Google is preparing two more important changes. One of them will happen quite soon, Google is already testing it: You will get apps from Google Play in your search results. I guess you need to be logged into your Google account to receive those (at least I hope). If you’re logged in, Google already know what Android Device you have, and if is compatible with that specific app. Makes no sense to push Android apps to someone who’s only using Apple products. It would be quite annoying for an iPad fan to get a bunch of results from #GooglePlay.

Youtube will make a big step into Search Results Page

But, an even bigger step is to get results from videos. As you probably all seen, Google implemented subtitles on many YouTube Videos – the automatic captions available in English and some other languages. It is in an early phase, but Google will try to index all the quality videos, and their content. And they will serve you in SERP not only the exact video for your query (somehow they are doing this even now, based on the title and the description of the video) but the exact moment that interests you from that video. For example, if in a video which is 20 minutes long, someone is explaining at 12:03 how the birds fly (just for the sake of example), based on what Google indexed from the automatic captions, it will serve you the video starting after 12 minutes, if you will search for “how the birds fly”.

Google created so many products lately, but they don’t forget how they started – with a search engine – and I don’t really see how Bing or other search engines will manage to compete with Google, when they’re always a step behind.



Google Play Store was included in Google’s Search Results Page. If you search for “maps” for example from your Android Device, you will get also results from Google Play.

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  1. Hi Marius,

    Nice breakdown. I’m appreciate the Play Store much more these days as I’m using my Android tablet. So much to download from so many different areas.



  2. @Ryan Biddulph Thank you. Even I am interesting to see, because, once they deliver results from Play Store, they should also include results from other Android Stores as well. I am curious to see how Amazon will react

    @Seth Williams Thank you and good luck with your website!

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