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Grow with Google AdWords

TomorrowInternet is part of Google Grow Program

Here’s a new opportunity for small business owners from Sligo County. Google Adwords just launched a program that may be exactly what you needed to boost your sales and get more clients online.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the best way to get in front of your competitors when your potential clients are searching on Google. And you can also use AdWords for Google’s display network.

Google Ads in Search Results

Google Ads in Search Results

First you create your ad, select the keywords you consider your potential customers are using to search on Google for your products, and then… start selling.

AdWords vs Search Engine Optimization

AdWords has a lot of advantages – First of all, let’s compare it to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – According to MOZ, 80% of searches have AdWords ads. In other words, while your competitors are spending money on SEO to get on top of searches, you can still beat them easily with AdWords – the ads are almost every time above the organic results.

AdWords is a pay per click system, so you only pay when one of your potential customers is clicking on your ads. That’s another advantage compared to SEO, where you have to work continuously to optimize, even if you don’t get clicks.

On search results you only have the title of the page/product and some snippets of text from your website. With AdWords you can show on Google Search your phone number, a pack of links from your website, your physical location and even the stars your business got based on Google Plus Reviews.

Reach your customers easier

Do you want to target only a specific audience? Only people from Sligo and Donegal, for example? Nothing easier: With AdWords you can choose exactly who you want to target by location. Also, if you know that your target audience is on Google only during lunch break and in the afternoon, you can choose to show your ads only during that time of the day. You can even target your audience based on the spoken language or the devices they use.

You can have a specific ad for those using their phones and tablets. This type of ad can have a “call now” button, and your clients can call you to book or ask for more details about your products or services.

You can also use AdWords to get your ads on Gmail and on YouTube. And you can use Google’s Re-marketing tool, to show your display ads to people that showed interest in your products before.

Still, I consider that one of the most important features of AdWords is that you can control your costs. You set up your budget based on what you can afford for the moment. According to Google, you usually get two Euros for each euro spent, so you can double your profit. If you want to start slowly, to test AdWords, we can create a new account for you, and you will also get a 75 Euro voucher to use after you spent your first 25 Euro on AdWords.

Grow Local

TomorrowInternet is part of Google Grow Program

TomorrowInternet is part of Google Grow Program

But, there’s even more. Google did a pleasant surprise to TomorrowInternet and all the small businesses from Sligo Area:

Google launched a new program called “Grow Local – Google Partners” and TomorrowInternet from Sligo was included in it. It’s a new opportunity for small businesses to increase their sales using Google AdWords.

Seeds of success - TomorrowInternet Sligo

Seeds of success – Gifts from Google – TomorrowInternet Sligo

Instead of 75 Euro, you can get now up to 150 Euro to spend on AdWords. We’ll match your Google Advertising first month’s spend in your second month. And we’ll setup your first AdWords campaign for free.

This offer expires on 31st March 2015. Don’t lose it! Contact us now!

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