Madonna’s “Like a prayer” – A manual to create viral videos

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A quarter of century ago, Madonna was writing the rules of viral videos. “Like a prayer” has all the ingredients any marketer would tell you a viral video should have: Emotion, Intrigue, Simplicity. Read more

You’re a blogger, not a robot! Why you shouldn’t post your blog articles automatically to social websites

I had the chance to work with many marketers, in different countries in the world (most of them in Europe, but not only). I saw that all of them were mad about automation. Read more

Do you have the new Open Graph search on Facebook?

I am mostly a SEO person, but looks like my latest posts are all about Facebook. This one should interest you if you have seen the new Facebook Search Graph on your friend’s FB, but you still have the old Facebook format. Can be a little annoying to see that you’re the only one with the old Facebook Layout. Read more

How should you advertise your business through Facebook?

How effective is Facebook advertising comparing to other ways of promoting your business is another discussion. But for now, let’s say you have decided to use Facebook ads to promote your Facebook Business Page.
First of all, you have a huge amount of calls to action on your page, inviting you to get more likes or to reach a larger audience by boosting your post. Read more

How should you measure your online marketing efforts?

The best part with online marketing, compared with the traditional marketing, is that you can measure almost all your efforts and results.

You don’t need too many KPIs, but you should still keep your eyes on the most important ones. What I usually do?

I. First of all, I measure the Cost per Customer – from two perspectives: Read more

It’s Online Marketing Strategy, not rocket science!

You might consider planning your online strategy rocket science, but if you are paying attention to some aspects, you will find that it’s not that hard. It’s more like developing a social skill or taking advantage of your social skills, if there are any. Read more

Content makes the difference

No surprise that traditional marketing turned out to be not so efficient these days and that more and more potential customers are now spread into digital. While big brands are struggling to capture our attention with colorful, catchy and expensive billboards, the magazines are selling sad stories, we see small brands and small businesses growing, without spending a fortune, by making use of what social media has to offer. And it’s not less. It gives you the chance to reach, find and, if smart enough, conquer your target. Read more

Why A Business Shouldn’t Be Considering Hanging Up Their Telephones

Modern businesses will find themselves frequently adapting and introducing new communication technologies to help boost their trade, and with many new ways to engage with and attract customers, plenty of companies are starting to believe that they should start to leave ‘old’ communication technology behind in favour of newer, socially popular ways. Read more

Trending on Facebook

Looks like Facebook is up and ready to fight. If there is a new toy in town, Facebook must have it. That’s what happened with Trends on Twitter. Although Twitter first introduced the Trends feature in the summer of 2008, Facebook took a while and got one, too. No surprise here, it’s called Trending. Read more

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