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Helping Sligo Grow – Get a Pro Website for just 5 Euro!

Offer ended on April 2016 – but we’re still here to help Sligo Businesses grow! Please, feel free to contact us to book an appointment or to get a free quotation

TomorrowInternet – a Sligo based digital agency is on a mission to improve the quality of Business’ websites in the area, we’ll give your Business a FREE evaluation of your existing online presence OR set you up online for FREE if you haven’t made that step just yet!

In 2013 we started by looking at some of the websites operated by Sligo business to discover that, a vast majority of these sites were not maintained, or updated since they were first produced, in some case’s that could be over 20 years ago.

Today a customer’s first interaction with your business is predominately made online, and first impressions last, so if your business or service has a shabby or out-dated website you’re not portraying a very good first impression. We’re here to help!

We’ll complete a FREE one off evaluation of your website & digital presence; we make sure you’re promoting your business as effectively and as efficiently as possible. (The evaluation is a once off no obligation service)

We can also advise on how your website gets found by Google, and in turn by customers – We provide you with the knowledge/tools so your website will come up at the top of the Google search results.

If you want to know more about some of our most recent projects (and find out how one of our customers’ new website actually inspired a customer to call into store to make a purchase based on the quality & professionalism portrayed in their new look website), continue reading:

That’s how we started – TigerPrint


And that’s how we started: The first web project here was TigerPrint Sligo’s website: tigerprint.ie

Eamon McManus wanted a new, fresh and modern website to showcase his portfolio. And they have a lot of good work. The first challenge for us was to make a fast website which loads a ton of images. We used the latest technology to make it work. We were also aware that a lot of people are visiting the website from mobile devices. That’s when we decided that, from now on, all our websites are going to be mobile ready.

But we always say that having a website which is not optimised for Google is like not having a website at all. And we took care of the website optimization, making sure that Google will love the new created website. The last step was to set up the online presence of TigerPrint. We created the Facebook page, and also added Tiger Print as a business on Google Maps. Now, TigerPrint is more than a client to us, it’s our friend.

A real help, always there to help. And I got a great website, great services. Totally recommend it

Eamon McManus – TigerPrint Sligo, Ireland



Another challenging project for us was ChoachLane – Orla and Andy Donaghy wanted a fresh online presence. First, we helped them take ownership of the Faceboook Page. The page was created by someone else, and they had no control over it. Now they’re managing the Facebook page themselves – and I think they’re doing quite well.

Then, we had to build a new, modern website. We promised to deliver a website with a 2016 look and feel, and we think we did it. What do you think? Check it here and then tell us your opinion in the comments below. We have to say – this was not an easy project, but was a pleasure to work with Orla and Andy.

Highly recommended! They did a great job with my webite.

Andy Donaghy – CoachLane Sligo, Ireland

One of the best stores – Albany Decorplan


One of the most important Sligo based project is, definitely, the online presence of Albany Decorplan Sligo. When we first meet Christine, Garnett and Seth, we all agree that, first of all, we need to build a brand new website for the company. The result: probably the best site of all the Albany branches. Check it here: decorplan.ie

Actually, Seth Horan said that a client decided to come and buy from the Union Street store immediately after seeing the website.

But that was just the beginning. While we still take care of this website, we also took over the social media presence. We took over the Facebook page, but also created new profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The main purpose was to offer to Albany’s clients the best info about the offers and the quality products they have available. We also created a Facebook application, to connect the main social website with all the other ones. And in May – June we had a Facebook competition. But we’ll talk about that in another post – a case study of that event.

Always there to answer our queries, the personal attention is extraordinary.

Christine Horan – Albany Decorplan Sligo, Ireland

Wild Atlantic Food – The healthy food is here!


Another lovely project was Wild Atlantic Food – www.wildatlanticfood.ie – even if the website was launched a few weeks ago, it is still under development, cause there is still a lot of products to be added. His one was (is, actually), for sure, one of the most “delicious” projects. Once most of the products are in place, we’ll start building the online presence for this business as well. If you want to help, why not like the Facebook page that we already created? (url of the page)

Help Sligo Grow – thanks to Sligo Chamber of Commerce & Industry

A few months ago we became a member of the local Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Together with the Sligo Chamber we started a project to help small business grow. We offer free consultancy to all the Chamber’s members, teaching them the best practice of using Facebook and other social media channels. Believe it, we hear so many times that anyone can manage a Facebook presence for their business; and we know how many times they were doing it the wrong way. And if you don’t know how to properly manage your Facebook Business page, you may waste time, money, and lose clients.

RB Hair & Beauty


Through the Sligo Chamber of Commerce & Industry we meet Remy, from RB Hair & Beauty – located on the O’Connell Street Sligo. For Remy, was all about the quality services and the team. And that’s how we created another (we think is) lovely website – http://rbhairbeauty.com/

This website is continuously changing– we just removed the video section, for example, but hope to put it back, with a new video, in just a few weeks. There’s something I have to mention about this project. When we finished the website, before launching it, we present it to Remy, to see if there’s anything else we need to add or remove from it – and she was a bit choked up when she first saw it. I was a bit confused, worried till someone from her team explained to me: “She loves it, she’s out of words”. I mean, that’s the reaction we want to have from all of our clients!

Best offer in Sligo!


And now comes the best part – we want to extend this project, and help as many Sligo based businesses to grow. That’s why we have a “crazy” offer – we will create your website for a fiver. Yes, you read it right – we’re going to build your website for just 5 Euro. Apart from the fiver, all you’ll have to pay is the domain name (and we’ll help you get one really cheap), the hosting and a monthly maintenance fee of 34 Euro. This offer is going to expire soon, so don’t waste any time and contact us today using the form below so we can start working on your website!

Offer ended on April 2016 – but we’re still here to help Sligo Businesses grow! Please, feel free to contact us to book an appointment or to get a free quotation

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