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Offer ended on April 2016 - but we're still here to help Sligo Businesses grow! Please, feel free to contact us to book an appointment or to get a free quotation TomorrowInternet – a Sligo based digital agency is on a mission to improve the quality of Business' websites in the area, we’ll give your Business a FREE evaluation of

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Anti-spam comments and forms plugins – captcha vs honeypot

WordPress is the best Content Management System, but is not perfect ( yet), and there still are some issues with it. For example, the amount of spam that can overload your email or database because of the comments and contact forms that you have on the website. I used to receive more that 100 spam emails a day, even with

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Pros and cons of using an SSL Certificate on your website

A few months ago Matt Cutts said that the SLL certificate could become a ranking factor for Google. Like everyone else, I started looking into this, first of all to understand what SSL means and why do I need one. As an SEO consultant I suggested to some of my clients to install SLL on their websites. But not to

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